Episode 54: Fake It Until You Make It in the

The CEO role is the most visible position in the organization, and it comes with great responsibility. That means that many people feel unqualified when they first take it on. How do you handle that level of responsibility without long experience? Is it possible to “fake it until you make it”? Sponsored by: Texas Mutual […]Read More

Episode 53: Exit Planning, Part 3: Assembling Your Dream Team

A successful sale or acquisition requires a support network — the experts and allies who play key roles in the process. And it’s more than just a banker. Joel walks through the professionals and advisors he recommends enlisting before you go through the high-pressure ordeal of an exit transaction. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

How to Fly Private—the Smart Way

A Conversation with Sam Starling, Partner at JetPro Texas In late 2008, the CEOs of the big three automakers flew from Detroit to Washington. They were on a mission to secure federal funds and prevent the collapse of their industry, but all three made the trip in private jets — a fact that drove an […]Read More

Looking Past 2020: A Global Forecasting Session with Dr. George

“This is a wonderful time to be talking about the future,” said international strategist Dr. George Friedman, “because the present ain’t that great.”  This statement kicked off Dr. Friedman’s online forecasting session with Texas CEO Magazine, sponsored by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, on September 29, 2020. Over the following hour, he discussed the tumultuous times […]Read More

What’s Your Motive for Being CEO?

If you’re an executive, you’ve probably got a Patrick Lencioni book on your shelf (or in your e-reader). Lencioni’s works, which include The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Death by Meeting, have sold over six million copies worldwide — and it’s easy to see why. Each is a marvel of simplicity, embedding sharp, practical […]Read More

Episode 47: The Internal Triangle of Tension

Every business sells a product (or service) into a market. Thus arise three vital groups that form a triangle inside a business: sales, product, and marketing. As each of these divisions operates, natural tensions arise. Guess whose job it is to manage them? That’s right — the CEO. This week, Joel talks about how to […]Read More

Episode 46: The CEO as Chief Storyteller

Human brains are naturally drawn to stories as a primary way of understanding the world around us — and the role we play in it. This week, Joel discusses why CEOs should care about the art of storytelling and how they can use it to manage and lead more effectively. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance […]Read More

The True Engine of Economic Recovery

A Conversation with Amity Shlaes In recent months, you’ve likely heard many comparisons between the current crisis and the Great Depression of the 1930s. Amity Shlaes, a New York Times bestselling author and leading economic commentator, has written extensively about that era—so we asked her if the comparison is warranted. In this discussion with Texas […]Read More

A Passion for Flight

A Conversation with Coy Comontofski, President of LIFT Aviation Company What CEO doesn’t dread the time-consuming routine of commercial air travel, made especially troublesome in the era of COVID-19? The obvious solution is flying private, but the prospect of owning or leasing a private aircraft can be daunting. Coy Comontofski and LIFT Aviation Company are […]Read More