Episode 25: Preparing Your Business for a Crisis

Many of us were caught off guard by the current crisis. We will inevitably recover—but what can CEOs do to future-proof the business from the next unexpected disruption? You can’t plan for every contingency—but you can be smart about your preparation. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

How Are You Leading Through Crisis? Texas CEOs Share Their

As we forge through uncertainty, it’s helpful to know that you’re not alone. We asked your fellow Texas CEOs to share their thoughts on how they have led and managed the business through the pandemic and its fallout. Katy Messersmith, CEO, Katydid Wholesale — Dallas, Texas We are using this time to focus on alternative […]Read More

Around the World with Jim Rogers

The legendary investor on global disruptions and his world travels. Many of us Texans think of our great state as its own country. But there’s a whole wide world out there, and it behooves leaders in any industry to know what’s going on beyond our borders. Who better than legendary investor, best-selling author, and avid […]Read More

A Letter from the Owner

During times of economic uncertainty, the CEO’s burden of command becomes heavier than ever. As always, we are asked to make the tough decisions and meet the needs of employees, customers, and shareholders—only now we are doing it with fewer resources, in a climate of fear, and under a harsh spotlight.  This special issue of […]Read More

Just Launched: CEO2CEO

We know that being a CEO can be challenging in good times, and extra challenging in bad times. Texas CEO Magazine is here to help. To that end, we are launching CEO2CEO!Have a difficult decision to make? Need confidential advice? Or a sympathetic ear from someone who has sat in the CEO seat and knows what […]Read More

Episode 23: Leading Through Crisis

As we all know, the world is going through an uncertain and chaotic time—and nearly every CEO is coping with the impact on their business, including its employees, customers, and shareholders. In this episode, Joel Trammell discusses the strategies he’s developed for leading an organization through crisis. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 22: Who Can I Talk To?

The CEO role might just be the loneliest executive job around. Not only do you have no peers in the organization—you don’t have a traditional boss either. And when you’re CEO, it’s a lot harder to get people to be honest with you. Our question this week is about how CEOs break that bubble of […]Read More

Episode 21: How Can You Tell If an Employee Is

If you manage an assembly line, it’s easy to spot the best performer—it’s the person making the most widgets to spec. But with knowledge work, the CEO has a lot harder time telling who’s succeeding and who’s failing. This week, we talk about strategies for evaluating performance objectively, even if the work product is nebulous […]Read More

Episode 20: What to Expect as a New CEO

Polls of new CEOs show that most are surprised by the demands of the job and find that they weren’t as prepared as they thought they were.Join Joel and Steve for a discussion about why that is, and how novice CEOs can ready themselves. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Leadership Lessons From a Texas Ranger

Former Texas Rangers chief Hank Whitman on his transition from law enforcement to head of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. In his long career, Hank Whitman not only spent eleven years with the Texas Rangers, rising to become chief of the agency. He also, most recently, held what he describes as an […]Read More