Episode 14: Is CEO Pay Out of Control?

It’s a complex topic, and one often oversimplified by the media. What is the current state of CEO compensation? Is it something we should be concerned with? How does it differ across company size, pay type, and so forth? We discuss all that and more. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Bringing a Renegade Spirit to XFL 2.0

A conversation with Grady Raskin, President of the Dallas Renegades Raskin spoke to us about staffing an office, drafting a football team, and appreciating all that North Texas has to offer. Did you know you wanted a career in sports from an early age? From an early age, sports were my life. Whether I was […]Read More


Building the Esports Skyscraper

Jason Lake, CEO and founder of Complexity Gaming, on the exponential growth and sky-high future of competitive video gaming Think esports is just a bunch of kids playing video games? Think again. In 2020, competitive video gaming a billion-dollar industry, and Jason Lake of Complexity Gaming is in the vanguard. Complexity, founded in 2003, was […]Read More

Episode 12: Core Values: What Makes You Unique?

Every organization has implicit values, whether they’re posted on the walls of the office or not. But too often, the stated values are vague aspirations that apply to every organization. Learn how to pinpoint your organization’s values and express them in a way that reflect your unique strategy. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Ticket to the Limit

If you ask Randy Cohen, founder of the Austin-based ticket broker and online marketplace TicketCity, the letters “CEO” mean something different. For decades, Cohen has referred to himself as TicketCity’s Chief Energizing Officer. Within seconds of meeting him, you see that the moniker fits. In our fast-talking chat, he explains what it means to be […]Read More

Episode 11: Leadership vs. Management

Business thinkers often draw a distinction between the tasks of managing and leading. Joel explains why we often devalue one at the expense of the other and makes a case that the effective CEO must understand and master both. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Building a Brighter Future for Central Texas Kids

An interview with Richard Tagle, CEO of the Andy Roddick Foundation For 20 years, the Andy Roddick Foundation has worked to give youth in low-income communities across Central Texas access to education and learning opportunities. Richard Tagle was born and raised in Manila and built his career in DC, but he’d only been to Texas […]Read More

Episode 10: Fixing Performance Management

Traditional performance management—ratings, reviews, appraisals, etc.—is broken. The cycles are too long, and the data is often irrelevant. Joel discusses how to optimize performance management, realigning it with the fundamentals of the business. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Want to Work from Cowboys HQ? Here’s Your Chance.

A Conversation with Jerry Jones Jr. The Dallas Cowboys have the most loyal fans in the NFL. We didn’t just make that up—an Emory University poll from last July proved it. In the 30-plus years since Jerry Jones bought the legendary franchise, he and his family have grown it into the most valuable sports property in the world.  Recently, we had the […]Read More