Episode 36: How Am I Doing As CEO?

The CEO has multiple challenges when it comes to getting feedback and understanding how well they are doing in the role. First, people in the organization may be reluctant to tell them the unvarnished truth. Second, their only real “boss” is the board, with whom they likely meet infrequently. How can the CEO identify their […]Read More

KGBTexas Is Choosing the Campaigns That Matter

As CEO of KGBTexas Communications, Katie Harvey has grown her full-service marketing and communications agency from its humble origins 26 years ago as a boutique public relations firm to one of the largest women-owned communication agencies in Texas, with more 40 employees and offices in San Antonio and Houston. And as Katie told us in this interview, her agency […]Read More

Episode 35: Future of Remote Work

Many US workers are now in a fourth month of working remotely—and for many people, it’s going well. Are open-plan offices a thing of the past? And how do managers and leaders fulfill their roles when their team may be offsite for the foreseeable future? Joel discusses that and more on this week’s episode. Sponsored […]Read More

Episode 34: Leadership to Improve the Culture

Over the past week, every state in the US has seen protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department. This week, Joel discusses this tragic circumstance and what it might tell us about leadership—or the failure of leadership—in police departments and in the country more broadly. Sponsored by: […]Read More

Episode 33: Keeping Expenses Down

One of the things on most CEOs’ minds right now is managing expenses when the business may be experiencing an unprecedented slowdown. Headcount is one place many organizations have had to pull back on, but what other items should CEOs be thinking about to control costs?  Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 31: Reopening the Economy

The logical question after an unprecedented, months-long economic shutdown is: “When and how to we reopen?” In this episode, Joel discusses the challenges we are likely to face in the months to come as business leaders deal with the second-, third-, and fourth-order effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 6: Texas’ energy industry after COVID

Chris Hosek is the former chief of staff to the Chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas, the regulatory body that oversees the state’s energy industry, including all levels of the oil and gas industry. He is now principal of Texas Star Alliance, specializing in direct lobbying and state agency relations. We speak to Chris […]Read More

Episode 29: When to Listen to the Experts

Most people are an expert in something. But when you’re a CEO, you can’t be the expert in everything—you must instead call on the experts in your organization to advise you. This week, Joel discusses how to evaluate experts and know what opinions should influence your decisions, especially the high-pressure ones you may be facing […]Read More