CEO Reading List: 6 Upcoming Business Books to Read This Summer

CEO Reading List: 6 Upcoming Business Books to Read This Summer

A great CEO never passes up a chance to learn. Here are six books coming out soon,
each with lessons for how to think about innovation, growth, and personal success.

Much ink has been spilled about how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the workplace. But here is the definitive look at these changes and what they mean for your organization. Gratton, an expert in organizational behavior, takes a rigorous yet practical look at how work best gets done in a changed world of WFH, hybrid work, deeper work-life integration and more. She includes in-depth looks at the practices of real-world companies like HSBC, Fujitsu, and Telstra. Gary Hamel calls the book “thought-provoking, deeply researched, and invaluable.”

Does talk of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs tie your brain in knots? Author, radio host, and personal finance guru Ric Edelman is here to save the day. His new book is a plainspoken investor’s guide to these much-hyped innovations. Edelman explains them as new asset classes and shows the bounty of opportunities they offer to investors, and their advisors, who are in the know.

Business Books

Good Arguments: How Debate Teaches Us to Listen and Be Heard

JBo Seo

Penguin Press

June 2022

352 pages

All it takes is a quick visit to cable new or a dip into Twitter to see that the quality of debate in the modern age has declined precipitously. In this book, Bo Seo, debate champion and former coach of Harvard’s debate team, makes a passionate argument for the virtues of engaged, good-faith debate. It’s an endeavor that gave him confidence and direction as a Korean immigrant child struggling to learn English. And it’s also a skill that today’s CEOs can use to great effect, whether in persuasion, selling, or simply presenting ideas clearly.

Business Books

Leading Lightly: Lower Your Stress, Think with Clarity, and Lead with Ease

Jody Michael

Greenleaf Book Group Press

June 2022

248 pages

“Leading lightly means that no matter what happens during your day, you have the capacity to approach everything with enduring easy and clarity,” writes psychotherapist and renowned executive coach Jody Michael in the opening pages of Leading Lightly. Combining insights on leadership, mental health, and overall wellness, Michael offers a perspective shifting guide to leading and living with a lighter touch—even through profoundly heavy times.

Business Books

From Conflict to Courage: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Leading

Marlene Chism


May 2022

256 pages

The job of CEO comes packaged with lots of unavoidable conflict. The most effective CEOs therefore learn to embrace that conflict rather than shunting it away, masking it, or passing it on to others. Chism, a longtime authority on workplace drama, offers inspiration and guidance for any leader who wants to learn the superpower of courageous conflict, a skill that banishes stress, builds trust, and leads to better business outcomes.

Business Books

Life & Death Decisions In The C-Suite

NextGen Benefits Advisers, et al.

December 2021

Bottom Line Solutions

282 pages

Today’s large employers are tasked with the complex, frustrating, and—as this book argues—dangerous task of providing health insurance to their employees. This book collects the insights and expertise of leading US benefits consultants and advisors, including Daniel LaBroad, Jennifer Berman, Aaron Ault, and Nelson Griswold, to reveal the dysfunctions that plague the current healthcare system and offer C-suite leaders guidance on how to lower insurance costs while providing better care for employees across the organization.

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