Episode 18: The CEO as Culture Builder

The CEO role is an incredibly personal job—because who you are and what you value defines the culture of the organization. Joel discusses CEO tactics for owning your critical role as cornerstone of company culture. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

How to Support Another Woman at Work

FIVE STEPS FOR WOMEN TO BECOME EACH OTHER’S CHAMPIONS By Elizabeth Lions “I just don’t like working with women. They are so catty. I’d prefer to work with men.”  It’s a sentiment I’ve heard over and over from women I’ve known, and one I used to feel, myself. I saw them as competitors, and threats […]Read More

Episode 15: The Value of Predictability

Almost every time a CEO gets fired, it’s because of a failure of predictability: The CEO told the board the organization could get something done, and then it didn’t happen. Joel discusses how to get better at prediction—and teach your employees to do the same.Read More

Listen to Tilman!

In his recent book Shut Up and Listen!, Tilman Fertitta lays out hard-hitting business advice like only the Billion Dollar Buyer could. In addition to starring in his own CNBC reality show, Tilman is a Houston native, “the richest restaurateur in the world” according to Forbes, and sole owner of Fertitta Entertainment, which owns Landry’s, […]Read More

Episode 14: Is CEO Pay Out of Control?

It’s a complex topic, and one often oversimplified by the media. What is the current state of CEO compensation? Is it something we should be concerned with? How does it differ across company size, pay type, and so forth? We discuss all that and more. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Bringing a Renegade Spirit to XFL 2.0

A conversation with Grady Raskin, President of the Dallas Renegades Raskin spoke to us about staffing an office, drafting a football team, and appreciating all that North Texas has to offer. Did you know you wanted a career in sports from an early age? From an early age, sports were my life. Whether I was […]Read More


Building the Esports Skyscraper

Jason Lake, CEO and founder of Complexity Gaming, on the exponential growth and sky-high future of competitive video gaming Think esports is just a bunch of kids playing video games? Think again. In 2020, competitive video gaming a billion-dollar industry, and Jason Lake of Complexity Gaming is in the vanguard. Complexity, founded in 2003, was […]Read More