Nominate an Exceptional Leader.

Do you know a leader who met the challenges of this year in an exemplary way?  We’d like to honor them in our Q4 issue. A worldwide pandemic. A rapid economic downturn. A reckoning with racial injustice. These are a few of the events of 2020 that have changed the way Texas CEOs lead their […]Read More

Are Concierge Doctors the Future of Medicine?

If you’ve ever been frustrated by short, impersonal visits to your primary care doctor, you’re not alone. Turns out, that conveyer-belt approach is a symptom of how most practices work: The physician is forced to increase patient volume as much as possible to keep the practice profitable. James S. Hahn, MD, is one of the […]Read More

Episode 42: Are Personality Assessments Worthwhile?

Personality tests and assessments are popular in many corners of the business world. But are the insights they deliver really useful in a business context? Should CEOs care about their teams’ Myers-Briggs type or CliftonStrengths themes? Hear what Joel has to say about it this week on Ask a CEO. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 40: Employee Value Proposition

Hiring is not just about the candidate selling themselves to the employee—the employer must also communicate why it offers an environment where talented candidates can thrive and grow. This week, Joel discusses the concept of the “employer value proposition” and why CEOs should understand its effect on bringing in top talent. Sponsored by: Texas Mutual […]Read More

Bill Perkins Wants to “Die with Zero”

Wise people sock money away throughout their lives, accumulating a big old nest egg for retirement—right? Bill Perkins wants to update that paradigm, as he explains in Die with Zero, hitting bookstores this month. The Houston-based hedge fund manager, poker player, and wild bet maker proposes a new philosophy based not in the hope of […]Read More

Episode 39: Listening to Employees Who Raise Problems

Behind nearly every major business catastrophe—from Theranos to scandals involving Wells Fargo and Boeing—is a leader who wasn’t listening to their employees. How can CEOs encourage people to speak up, and how do you know when to react to the problems they raise? Sponsored by: Texas Mutual Insurance CompanyRead More

Episode 38: Delegating Decision Making

The CEO is called upon to make the most difficult and consequential decisions of anyone in the organization. But at the same time, the CEO cannot make every decision him or herself. This week, Joel discusses when a decision is the CEO’s to make and when it’s a better idea to delegate the decision to […]Read More

Episode 37: Showing Employees That You Care

We talk about caring being one of the essential ways that CEOs build influence with their teams. In a time when the CEO is looking out for the survival of the business, how can they also show that they care about their employees’ as people? How can they demonstrate that their putting the well-being of […]Read More