CEO Reading List: 6 Business Books You Don’t Want to Miss on Secrets, Equations, and Exits

 CEO Reading List: 6 Business Books You Don’t Want to Miss on Secrets, Equations, and Exits

A great CEO never passes up a chance to learn. Here are six books coming out soon,
each with lessons for how to think about innovation, growth, and personal success.

Business Books

Ace Your Exit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Business

John Rovani

Simon & Schuster

February 2023

208 pages

Founder and managing partner of Ponterra Business Advisors, John Rovani has spent decades advising software, data, and B2B business owners on how to set up their exit plan and sell their company. In his upcoming book, Ace Your Exit: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your Business, he takes readers through what can be a complicated process, navigating the nuances of each step. He also emphasizes the need for an exit advisor as he outlines the pitfalls and focus areas to which a business owner should pay close attention.

Business Books

CEO Secrets: Advice, Insights and Stories from the Popular BBC Video Series

Dougal Shaw

Blooomsbury Buisness

January 2023

272 pages

Don’t you love to be in on a secret? The title alone of this collection of them is enticing. Journalist Dougal Shaw has made a career out of interviewing top thought leaders and celebrities for BBC Business News, where he founded the series CEO Secrets. In his book of the same title, he compiles them into a collection that draws together hundreds of CEO interviews he has done from the international business community. The book provides insights, inspiration, and motivation from leaders across an array of industries.

The Covid pandemic gave rise to increased hybrid and remote work, and the shift created a new reality for business leadership to navigate. Diversity and inclusion expert Perrine Farque takes a look at modern workplace culture and what differentiates the successful hybrid work teams from the rest, along with the permanent changes leadership should embrace and the new normal for teams working in different spaces. Perrine also suggests a new framework for hiring, leading, and retaining a top hybrid team.

Business Books

Reframing America’s Infrastructure: A Ruins to Renaissance Playbook

Marc Gravely

Sutton Hart Press

January 2022

555 pages

Is America’s “cheap and fast” approach to infrastructure progress putting it at risk? San Antonio-based author, lawyer, and infrastructure specialist Marc Gravely explores the historic importance infrastructure has had on successful civilizations and illustrates the power of innovation and the risks of inaction. From highways, buildings, and waterways to ecosystem resilience and space engineering, Gravely projects the current condition onto a backdrop of patterns circling the rise and fall of leading civilizations before us. Reframing America’s Infrastructure examines global infrastructure history, present-day issues, and opportunities to advance the US society, economy, and position as a world leader.

Business Books

Winning the Right Game

Ron Adner

The MIT Press

February 2023

280 pages

Are you fully aware of the business game you’re in? With the competition landscape changing on the daily, the players are shifting—think traditional broadcast television vs. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. With competition coming from newer evolving places, it’s important to understand the new rules of engagement. In Winning the Right Game, Ron Adner shows businesses how to meet the threat of “ecosystem disruption” head on and develop a proactive game plan. He makes the case that simply winning is no longer sufficient—you must be winning the “right” game for long-term success.

Austin-based author, former army special operator, and CEO of international real estate firm Legacy International Philip Jalufka has written a guide that helps readers identify what motivates them and what hinders them, map an action plan, and hold themselves accountable. Jalufka brings his personal, military, and business experience to bear in his approach to life and winning. Leading With Your Life Equation also features insights from billionaire philanthropist Red McCombs, former major league pitcher Roger Clemens, real estate training guru Myers Barnes, and University of Texas Golf Coach John Fields, among others.

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