CEO Reading List: 6 Upcoming Business Books to Read This Spring

CEO Reading List: 6 Upcoming Business Books to Read This Spring

A great CEO never passes up a chance to learn. Here are six books coming out soon,
each with lessons for how to think about innovation, growth, and personal success.

Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle

Eric Sydell, Mike Hudy, and Michael Ashley

March 2022

Fast Company Press

232 pages

The war for talent shows no signs of slowing, which makes Decoding Talent a timely read for CEOs, HR leaders, and hiring managers at all levels. The authors examine how AI can reinvent your hiring process. You’ll learn how to end the failing resume-based procedures and ensure that you’re bringing on high-level talent that delivers real business results.

Victoria Wellman, cofounder and president of The Oratory Laboratory, a Manhattan-based public speaking agency, has written over 600 speeches for politicians, influencers, and—yes—CEOs. Her roadmap for crafting authentic, impactful speeches will beef up your oratory skills, whether you’re making a wedding toast or leading a board meeting.

On Board: The Insider’s Guide to Surviving Life in the Boardroom

John Tusa

March 2022

Bloomsbury Business

240 pages

New in paperback. Over 30 years of sitting on boards, John Tusa has learned a thing or two. On Board brings together his insights, including in-depth stories of his own time spent on the boards of a wide array of institutions. Whether you’re serving on a board or managing one as CEO, Tusa will help you navigate the conflicts

CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest

Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, Vikram Malhotra

March 2022


384 pages

Books with specific advice on the CEO role are few and far between, but this new one—from three McKinsey partners—is a worthy entry. It’s based on candid, multi-hour interviews with 67 of today’s top chief executives: from Ken Chenault (American Express) to Jamie Dimon

HBR at 100: The Most Essential, Influential, and Innovative Articles from HBR’s First 100 Years

Harvard Business Review

April 2022

Harvard Business Review Press

400 pages

Over the past century, Harvard Business Review has published the very top thinkers in management and leadership. But, as we often lament around the Texas CEO Magazine offices, it’s a shame that so many of the buried gems in the HBR back catalog aren’t read—much less applied—by modern leaders. The solution is here: a collection of the very best articles, in a single volume.

Getting the Most for Selling Your Business: How to Get Top Dollar for the Company You’ve Nurtured for Years

Jessica Fialkovich, with Anne Mary Ciminelli

March 2022


192 pages

When it’s time to sell your business—a fraught, emotional period for any entrepreneur—you need the deal to reflect the years of time and effort you put into it. Business exit expert Jessica Fialkovich has been there, having sold her own multimillion-dollar company, and offers her best guidance for entrepreneurs in the process of, or just thinking about, selling.

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