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What We Look for from Leaders During Crisis

I always wondered if my generation would ever have a mega event that challenged us in a way that past ones have other generations.   Thankfully, we have missed out on so many of the major events that our relatives battled in their lifetimes, including the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, World War […]Read More

Doing Business in the “New Normal”

I’m what you call “old school.” I enjoy reading the news the old-fashioned way: on a newspaper that takes two hands to hold, with different sections falling out of my lap and newsprint on my fingers. However, with so much bad news in the headlines in 2020, I find myself failing to enjoy this previously […]Read More

How Will We Return to Prosperity?

As we rebound from the biggest disruption of the 21st century so far, we must not think only of survival—but of a return to real success. The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges, not only to our physical and psychological health, but also to the economic health of our society. One of these challenges is differentiating […]Read More

How to Stay Connected to People During Crisis

How will history remember you in this moment? We are in a season that will define a decade, if not a generation. Many have lost economically; many have lost their lives. And at this moment, the path toward recovery is unclear. When we look backward at this crisis, leaders and their actions will be evaluated, […]Read More

7 Tips for Getting Out of the COVID-19 Alligator Pit

As shutdowns and unknowns surrounding COVID-19 drag on, the times feel overwhelming for many business leaders. Or, to use my nomenclature, many of us feel we’re stuck in the proverbial alligator pit. How do we keep our sanity and stay out of the swamp during this period of uncertainty? Though many of us are facing […]Read More

How to Think About Your Business After the Shutdown

Lessons for 2020 from the Disaster of 1985 The economy of the United States is like a huge freight train. Imagine being on that train, barreling down the tracks at 90 miles an hour. You are sitting on that big engine with the wind blowing in your face and a clear track ahead. It’s exciting. […]Read More

COVID-19 and Beyond: The Leadership Challenge of Our Lifetime

The COVID-19 crisis presents CEOs with a remarkable leadership opportunity. Employees and clients alike are looking for leadership and reassurance. We must all rise to the challenge. While the pandemic is something none of us have experienced in our lifetimes, the havoc it is causing bears some similarities to other major disruptive events of the […]Read More

The Lean Executive

Prices, customers, and especially competitors are all difficult variables for executives to control. But there is one variable over which executives can exert some level of control: cost. As such, it is the role of the executive to minimize costs and, more broadly, build a culture that values the same. Lean is a proven method […]Read More

Communicating in Times of Crisis

This is a time when leadership is being tested. This is also a time when effective communication can make or break a leader. In moments of crisis, strong leaders who have the ability to effectively communicate rise to the occasion. They use words as a calming salve to reduce anxiety and heal wounds. They provide credible information, realistic responses, and a course of action. They offer a clear […]Read More