Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor, investor, and the best-selling author of Startup Success: Funding the Early Stages of Your Venture. A proud native Texan, Daugherty graduated from Baylor University. He has vast experience with early-stage fundraising from both sides of the table, making more than 200 investments and raising more than $80 million in growth and venture capital as a company executive, fund manager, board director, and active advisor.

The Seed Fundraising Dance – Startup Success: A Startup Fundraising

Convertible securities—a form of investment that will later convert into a different form of investment—are by far the most popular fundraising instrument used for seed funding rounds of $1 million or less. But in addition to coming with unique terms and mechanics, convertible securities also introduce an interesting phenomenon referred to as the rolling close. […]Read More

Planning a Fundraising Campaign

Startup Success: A Startup Fundraising Series  How Does a National Crisis Affect Startup Fundraising?  I have three adult daughters and two granddaughters. During the recent coronavirus outbreak, I worry most about their personal health safety. But I’m also worried about their personal financial security, and that causes me to think about the financial health of […]Read More