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The Human Side of Smart Cities

LOOKING BEYOND THE BRIGHT SHINY OBJECTS  By Chelsea Collier  & Nathaniel “Nate” Robinson The same innovations transforming business are also transforming cities. Rapid advances in technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced mobile broadband capacity, can deliver a highly connected, seamlessly automated, data-rich reality. In a smart city, […]Read More

What Is A Smart City?

HOW TEXAS UNIVERSITIES AND CITIES ARE COLLABORATING ON BIG DATA  By William Fulton There is no shortage of data zooming in and around cities on any given day. We know how many cars go through a certain intersection, how many people use the parks and how many people are arrested. But beyond the raw numbers, […]Read More

Jennifer Sanders: A Smart Woman In A Smart City

Photography by Shannon Drawe Jennifer Sanders has a job almost no one else has done, working on a pilot concept only a limited number of people — mostly techies — really understand. And the future of Dallas as a diverse international city with a high quality of life for all its residents is at stake. […]Read More