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What CEOs Can Learn from Exceptional Coaches

I have always been fascinated by the coaches who have “it”—that X-factor that separates exceptional coaches from the also-rans. What do they do differently as they put together a staff, organize practice, recruit talent, and manage high-stakes games? While a favorable bounce here and there helps out, it’s become obvious over my forty-plus years in […]Read More

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Clearing The Leadership Runway

NINE PRINCIPLES TO HELP HIGH POTENTIAL WOMEN LEADERS SOAR By Jill Griffin The evidence reveals a clear picture: the more women leaders an organization has, the healthier and more profitable it will be. For that to happen, the C-suite has to be proactive, not only clearing hurdles and aggressively opening doors but also encouraging high […]Read More

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When Your COO Takes A Hike

TWO LESSONS FOR LEADERSHIP By Chris Taylor Last year, our Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Schwartz, approached me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail — an adventure that would have her out of office, and off the grid, for five months. My excitement for her was quickly overshadowed […]Read More

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The Science Behind Achievement

ARTICULATING THE FIVE INTANGIBLES OF PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT  By Ananda Moss-Byas and Jill Nilson  No one would take a walk in the woods — or in a new city on the other side of the world — without a map, a plan or at least a compass. And unless someone was just trying to clear their […]Read More

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Preparing Your Culture For M&A Success

Why Building Trust Now Pays M&A Dividends Later  By K. Matthew Gilley, Ph.D.  One of the most critical leadership tests for senior executives is guiding their company successfully through a major merger or acquisition. Finding a good target to acquire or merge with, doing the due diligence, working with the banks, explaining the deal’s rationale […]Read More


Leadership Lessons from the Army

By Adam Winters The best way to ensure personal growth is through persistent observation. We can learn critical lessons from day-to-day activities but, often, our biggest growth comes from our most intense and complex experiences. For many, that experience is a stint in the military. Here are five leadership lessons we can learn from the […]Read More


The Wisdom of Women

Lessons Gleaned from Leadership Visionaries By Jill Griffin For the past eighteen months I have had the privilege of interviewing a list of amazing women who have risen to the top of their respective fields. These women, executives and movers and shakers, worked their way to the corner office with their dignity intact and their […]Read More

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Healthy Organizations Need Dissent

WHY AN OPEN DOOR POLICY ISN’T ENOUGH  By Johny Garner President Trump signed an executive order preventing citizens of seven countries from entering the United States on January 27, 2017. On Monday, January 30, acting attorney general Sally Yates sent a letter to her staff saying, “The Department of Justice will not present arguments in […]Read More