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Culture First, Strategy Second

THE FIVE CRITERIA TO DEVELOP A CULTURE OF INNOVATION By Christiane Michaelis  If you ask managers, employees or executives whether they want to work in a company that has a culture of innovation, most will say yes. Why does this sound so attractive? Innovation is associated with rapid success, disruptive innovation and growth, and these […]Read More

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How to Stave Off Business Maturity

THREE STEPS TO STRATEGIC INNOVATION By Cecilia R. Edwards The old adage is still true today: “If a business isn’t growing, it’s dying.” In eras past, it may have been possible for a business to coast through its mature stage and continue to generate reasonable profits. However, in the modern day of rapid technological advancement, […]Read More

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How Do You Create a Culture of Innovation in the

Photography by Shannon Drawe A slip of paper pulled out of a fortune cookie spoke to Mike Sanford: “Embrace innovation and opportunities will follow.” Sanford, the director of virtual design and lean construction at SpawGlass Contractors, said it’s tough to embrace innovation — especially in the construction industry. But he said it can be done, […]Read More


Building Innovation

TURNER CONSTRUCTION BUILDS ON EMPOWERING INDIVIDUALS By Valerie Jarvie Photography by Shannon Drawe Innovation – it’s the business watchword of our era on the lips of every forward-thinking CEO. Being nimble, meaning rapidly developing and leveraging new ideas, is hard enough for a small organization. How does a large company foster a culture of change? […]Read More

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The New Workforce

ROBOTS AND HUMANS, INNOVATING TOGETHER  By Cliff Justice When we hear the term “robot,” we think of a machine that is programmed by a human and instructed by a computer, to carry out primarily physical tasks. General Motors introduced this basic type of robot into its Detroit assembly line in 1961 and, since then, robots […]Read More


The CEO Guide to the Art of Handling Pressure

FIVE TIPS TO IMPROVE LEADERSHIP By Stephanie Chung Chief Executive Officers around the world have many things in common: the need for high achievement, remarkable problem solving skills, the desire to lead and a diligent work ethic are just a few. With the immense number of responsibilities these CEOs shoulder, it’s difficult to comprehend how […]Read More

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

GETTING BIOTECH VENTURE CAPITAL INTO HOUSTON  By Graham Randall, PhD When it comes to transforming Houston’s promising biotechnology into marketable products, the number and size of venture capital deals has been the hardest metric to improve. The typical VC investor looks for companies with strategic business plans driven by strong management teams. And there’s the […]Read More

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Navigating Uncertainty When Launching a New Venture

PREDICTING PROBABLE OUTCOMES OR CONSTRUCTING A NEW FUTURE? By Don Springer When CEOs launch an innovation or start a new business, the largest obstacle they face is uncertainty. Uncertainty stands in the foreground of today’s economy, geopolitical tensions and a digitally disrupted marketplace. Navigating this turbulent environment requires CEOs to use the appropriate decision-making tools […]Read More

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Are You Serious About Innovation?

HOW TO SEPARATE INCREMENTAL GROWTH FROM INNOVATIVE PRACTICES It has become common — almost obligatory — for business leaders to talk about the importance of innovation. The assumption is that companies can succeed in the short-term through incremental growth of the core business, but long-term success requires developing new streams of revenue and disrupting the […]Read More