Ed Curtis

Ed Curtis

Ed Curtis is the founder and CEO of YTEXAS. He launched YTEXAS after 20 years in banking and private sector business, where he held various positions such as Market CEO, Chief Lending Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

Kendra Scott’s Retail Success in the Age of COVID –

Tom Nolan, President at Kendra Scott, Interviewed by YTexas CEO Ed Curtis   When the pandemic first hit,  it was clear to me that some businesses—the ones that were succeeding—had either prepared for this scenario or quickly found a way to adapt to it. As business owners, we are always curious as to how and why […]Read More

The Sport of Relocation

Anyone doing business in Texas knows that the competitive landscape is changing. Out-of-state-based businesses, from a wide array of industries, are looking to set up shop in Texas. According to the YTexas Relo Tracker, 2018 and 2019 brought over 50 corporate headquarter relocations into the Lone Star State. If you were to include corporate expansions, […]Read More