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Why We Do What We Do

Nike, Pepsi, Nickelodeon, Spotify, Disney, MTV. Paw Patrol and Sesame Street. What do these brands and shows have in common? In the wake of the killing of George Floyd, as people took to the streets to express their outrage at that and other injustices against minorities, they all clearly communicated what they believe in. Traditionally, […]Read More

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Breaking Ground

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION IN CONSTRUCTION By Kate Hull The words “diversity” and “inclusion” are not typically used to describe the construction industry and the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics results provide insight as to why. Women continue to be underrepresented, making up only 9 percent of the construction workforce; ethnic minorities make up approximately 37 […]Read More


Workforce Diversity

ATTACK THE GENDER GAP IN TEXAS TODAY FOR SUCCESS TOMORROW  By Patricia A. Milligan Texas’s business leaders should ask themselves if they have adequately addressed the issue of gender equality and are on a path to building greater workforce diversity – tomorrow’s workforce is taking shape today. Everyone can learn from the example set by […]Read More

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Keeping a Strong Texas Economy

OUR EVOLVING TEXAS POPULATION By Lloyd Potter, Ph.D. Almost everyone in Texas knows the population has been growing. Texas currently has a population of more than 27 million, and while California is larger, no state grew more than Texas during 2013. Generally, most think the source of Texas’ population growth is people moving to Texas. […]Read More