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Crafting the Blueprint for a Successful Executive Search

Great organizations do not happen by blind luck. Greatness depends on alignment within the organization, from culture to chemistry, from values to purpose, from skills to beliefs. When you embark on a search for a new executive leader, it’s vital to ensure that this internal alignment is already in place. Unless you have proactively built […]Read More

Culture First, Strategy Second

THE FIVE CRITERIA TO DEVELOP A CULTURE OF INNOVATION By Christiane Michaelis  If you ask managers, employees or executives whether they want to work in a company that has a culture of innovation, most will say yes. Why does this sound so attractive? Innovation is associated with rapid success, disruptive innovation and growth, and these […]Read More

Culture Shocked

THE VALUES OF STRUCTURED VERSUS UNSTRUCTURED CULTURE By Tony Streeter On the surface, it may seem as though there are endless types of business cultures. But when you boil them down, there are really just two: structured and unstructured. Structured cultures involve an approved “code of conduct,” which is enforced by management. In an unstructured […]Read More

When Your COO Takes A Hike

TWO LESSONS FOR LEADERSHIP By Chris Taylor Last year, our Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth Schwartz, approached me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail — an adventure that would have her out of office, and off the grid, for five months. My excitement for her was quickly overshadowed […]Read More

Preparing Your Culture For M&A Success

Why Building Trust Now Pays M&A Dividends Later  By K. Matthew Gilley, Ph.D.  One of the most critical leadership tests for senior executives is guiding their company successfully through a major merger or acquisition. Finding a good target to acquire or merge with, doing the due diligence, working with the banks, explaining the deal’s rationale […]Read More

How to Maintain a Startup Culture in a Growing Company

FOUR TIPS TO KEEPING THE CULTURAL CORE ALIVE  By Jonathan Herskovitz Working for a startup company can be one of the best career experiences a person can have. Startup companies are focused, quick to change, progressive and innovative. In many instances, they experience rapid growth and become a large company, then face the challenge of […]Read More

Boomerang Employees Are the New Black

SEND THEM AWAY, THEN BRING THEM BACK  By Chelsea Woodhead Consider the following scenario: a recruiter works tirelessly to land top talent, coordinating rounds and rounds of interviews and finally making an impressive hire. The new hire, Jane, is a cultural hit, and her impact is immediate. Profits soar and the company’s Glassdoor rating skyrockets. […]Read More

Investing in Your Remote Workforce

HOW THE C-SUITE CAN LEAD BY EXAMPLE  By Susan Stinson The remote employee population has grown by 103 percent since 2005 and 6.5 percent in 2014, which represents the largest year over year increase since before the recession. The new reality of the modern business environment is evolving and with the development of innovative technologies, […]Read More

Is Wellness In Your Culture?

GET ON THE RIGHT PATH TO CHANGING BY CHOICE  By Shara Rutiaga Wellness in the workplace has been a mainstream concept on the minds of benefits professionals for nearly two decades. When asking friends and family whether they have a wellness program at work, the response is usually, “ Yes.” Why are some programs more […]Read More

How to Connect With the Youngest of Generation Z

4 WAYS TO WORK WITH MICROPRENEURS Just when business leaders thought they had the Millennial employee figured out a new generation is starting to knock on their doors – or at least texting their résumés. While the oldest career-impatient Millennials are already aspiring to mid-level careers, the rookie generation hiding in their shadow is turning […]Read More