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The Texas Workplace—After the Pandemic

Welcome to the height of the most unusual summer Texas has seen in some time. As phased reopening continues—against the backdrop of protests against racism and police violence in every major city in the state—the number of new coronavirus cases continues to inch up. It currently seems that there are different public health and epidemiological […]Read More

Preparing for a New Sense of Business Normalcy

As Texas businesses reopen and begin the road to recovery, many leaders find themselves asking where to focus and how to reprioritize efforts in Q3 and Q4. For now, social distancing recommendations, health considerations, and decreased business travel have contributed to the “new normal” for many organizations, forcing many companies to quickly shift planning and […]Read More

Keeping Your Business Safe—and Legally Compliant—as You Reopen

In recent months, many business leaders have been laser-focused on the financial health of their businesses. But as Texas continues to reopen the economy, leaders must also remain focused on the health and safety of their employees. This means taking steps to keep the workplace safe for everyone who enters it, which in turn reduces […]Read More

The Short-Term Outlook for the Texas Economy

The inevitable result of measures to “flatten the curve” and prevent a major spike in COVID-19 infections has been a strong shock to the economy. Many factors will determine the ultimate effects of the coronavirus on the economy, most of which are highly uncertain at present. The outcomes of reopening the economy and the capacity […]Read More

Doing Business in the “New Normal”

I’m what you call “old school.” I enjoy reading the news the old-fashioned way: on a newspaper that takes two hands to hold, with different sections falling out of my lap and newsprint on my fingers. However, with so much bad news in the headlines in 2020, I find myself failing to enjoy this previously […]Read More

How Will We Return to Prosperity?

As we rebound from the biggest disruption of the 21st century so far, we must not think only of survival—but of a return to real success. The COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges, not only to our physical and psychological health, but also to the economic health of our society. One of these challenges is differentiating […]Read More