Timothy J. Quigley, PhD.

Timothy J. Quigley is an associate professor at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business. His research is focused on CEOs, top executives, and managerial discretion. More specifically, Dr. Quigley’s interests lie in understanding how and when CEOs and other top executives impact organizational outcomes, the causes and outcomes of CEO succession, and how these have changed over the course of time. Dr. Quigley received his PhD in Strategic Management from Penn State University and is on the editorial board of Strategic Management Journal.

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CEO Succession Research Says Outsider CEOs Generate More Extreme Results

When a firm replaces a CEO, everyone involved typically goes through a period of high stress. The board faces a highly consequential decision, the organization faces uncertainty, and the newly appointed CEO faces a fresh challenge—all under the watchful eye of shareholders and the market. One of the most frequently studied factors in CEO succession […]Read More