Joel Trammell and Sherif Sakr

Joel Trammell is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine and the cofounder of American CEO. He has spent more than thirty years serving as CEO of companies ranging from technology startups to a public company. He has twice founded and led startups to nine-figure exits. A leading CEO educator, Trammell regularly speaks at conferences and events nationwide. He has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes and, and has served on the boards of public, private and nonprofit organizations. Sherif Sakr is the cofounder of American CEO. He comes from a diverse international background and a career that spans success in five industries, including business ownership. He has spent the last decade teaching and coaching individuals and CEOs to drive results while maintaining a mindful perspective to reduce stress and optimize fulfillment. Sherif is now on a mission to train and equip CEOs with tools, strategies, and systems so that their companies and employees can thrive.

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