New Book: The Chief Executive Operating System

 New Book: The Chief Executive Operating System

Today, we released a new book, The Chief Executive Operating System. If you are interested in mastering the CEO role, you can now grab a copy at Amazon.

Why did we write this book now?

A driving motivator for us is to help companies, and thus the economy, thrive. There is a large gap in the business literature about how to do the CEO job at scale (when the CEO has a full executive team to drive performance). It’s painful when we see CEOs hit a single or strike out when they should have blasted a home run. Not even MBA programs teach a comprehensive approach on how to lead and manage a company from the CEO role. It seemed like a good time for someone who’s sat in the role multiple times successfully to address this gap.

Often the smartest and hardest-working CEOs fail simply because they were expected to know what to do without a proven playbook. This fact is blatant and curious, and completely disregarded in the business world. No other functionality—finance, HR, sales, marketing, technology, etc.—is expected to deliver results without systems, software and training. We have solved that.

Not even MBA programs teach a comprehensive approach on how to lead and manage a company from the CEO role.

A lack of preparation leads to all kinds of failure modes for the CEO. The Cheerleader, who never admits anything is wrong and doesn’t face objective reality. The Firefighter, who plays Whac-a-Mole with the urgency of the day. The CIA operative, who is not open and transparent and thus sows fear and confusion. Mr. Mayhem, who doesn’t focus and chases one shiny penny to the next. And so on.

The 5 CEO Responsibilities, part of the Chief Executive Operating System

Any CEO or aspiring CEO now has a framework for thinking about the job, a mental model for understanding how to create value in the role. So many rely on you: your customers, employees, and shareholders. The best thing you can do for them is deliver predictable company performance.

We believe the The Chief Executive Operating System will help you become a world-class CEO. It’s a tough and demanding job, but you don’t have to fly blind or alone.

Included in the book is the importance of being people-centric, because you drive results through people. You’ll learn about the Five Responsibilities you must own as CEO, the operating rhythm that drives predictable performance, and filling your emotional tank with mindfulness to keep you personally operating at your peak. We’ve also included several exercises and tools that support the most vital aspects of the chief executive’s job.

Reach out to us if you have questions or feedback, or are interested in attending an upcoming training.

Joel Trammell and Sherif Sakr

Joel Trammell is the owner of Texas CEO Magazine and the cofounder of American CEO. He has spent more than thirty years serving as CEO of companies ranging from technology startups to a public company. He has twice founded and led startups to nine-figure exits. A leading CEO educator, Trammell regularly speaks at conferences and events nationwide. He has contributed to Entrepreneur, Forbes and, and has served on the boards of public, private and nonprofit organizations. Sherif Sakr is the cofounder of American CEO. He comes from a diverse international background and a career that spans success in five industries, including business ownership. He has spent the last decade teaching and coaching individuals and CEOs to drive results while maintaining a mindful perspective to reduce stress and optimize fulfillment. Sherif is now on a mission to train and equip CEOs with tools, strategies, and systems so that their companies and employees can thrive.

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