6 New Business Books You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

6 New Business Books You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

A great CEO never passes up a chance to learn. Here are six books coming out soon, each with lessons for how to think about innovation, growth, and personal success. 

Embracing Your Power: A Woman’s Path to Authentic Leadership and Meaningful Relationships

Marsha L. Clark

Nov. 16, 2021

Greenleaf Book Group Press


As a corporate officer at a Fortune 50 company, Marsha L. Clark learned plenty of lessons about personal and professional success, particularly for women. Today, she’s a sought-after executive coach and keynote speaker who helps women achieve success on their own terms—not anyone else’s. Embracing Your Power collects two decades of Clark’s wisdom in an engaging and comprehensive guide to reaching your potential. The book includes many exercises to help readers understand their values, overcome stereotypes, resolve conflict, and much more. building their own cloud-based business—and unlocking their true profit potential.

Are innovators born or made? If you have a repeatable, systematic process for creating innovative products—which is exactly what R. Dutt offers here—the question is beside the point. Dutt, who started her first company during the dot-com bubble, argues that Agile, Lean, and iterative methodologies have become a crutch for some. A reliance on iteration can lead to predictable “product diseases” that undermine their creators’ efforts. Enter the Radical Product Thinking movement, which aims to recenter innovation on clear vision and strategy.

Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Reid Hoffman, with June Cohen and Deron Triff

Sept. 7, 2021


Since 2017, the podcast Masters of Scale has pulled back the curtain on how companies grow from scrappy beginnings to the global domination. Hosted by LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, the podcast’s guests include the biggest names in the game—Zuckerberg, Branson, Huffington, Thiel, and many, many more. Now, the gems of insight produced as Hoffman explores various theories of growth with his guests have been collected in a book jam-packed with wisdom from the founders and CEOs who’ve been there.

In the tradition of Patrick Lencioni and Ken Blanchard, Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman delivers her hard-won lessons about authentic communication in the form of an absorbing fictional story. As we learn about two professionals vying for the same job as associate director of sales, Dr. Lamm-Hartmann explores why faking it doesn’t help anyone make it—and how we can discover our own authenticity. The Authenticity Code is a fast read that nevertheless packs in loads of advice you’ll want to apply in your next presentation, meeting, or conversation.

Risk: A User’s Guide

Gen. Stanley McChrystal & Anna Butrico

February 2021


Retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal, who formerly led the country’s top counter-terrorism force, Joint Special Operations Command, has long been involved in the world of leadership and business, via his New York Times bestselling book Team of Teams and his founding of management consultancy McChrystal Group. His new book covers a topic McChrystal is well-versed in, exploring the ten factors leaders can control in their effort to anticipate and mitigate ever-present risks.

Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change

April Rinne

Aug. 24, 2021


“This book is a gift,” says Seth Godin of April Rinne’s Flux, which upskills leaders for success in a world where the pace of change shows no sign of slowing. Whether you’re pondering a career move or leading an international organization, Rinne’s eight superpowers lead you toward a mindset where change is not a scary threat but rather a pathway to unlimited opportunity.

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