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The New Career Ladder

RETAINING MILLENNIAL TALENT IN AN EVOLVING PROFESSIONAL WORLD  By Sarah Weber Once upon a time, the career ladder was fairly straightforward: graduate from college, land an entry-level job, work hard and develop the skills required to rise through the ranks at that same company for 20-plus years. Today, however, the trajectory isn’t so clear, as […]Read More

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Digital Labor & Human Capital

HOW TO INCREASE THE VALUE OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN A DIGITAL WORLD By Jonathan Crane Seven out of ten corporate executives say they are making significantly more investments in artificial intelligence (AI) than just two years ago, according to Accenture’s recent Technology Vision survey. And more than half say they plan to use machine learning […]Read More

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Employees With Disabilities

TAPPING INTO THIS INVISIBLE WORKFORCE By Charlie Graham When the unemployment rate dips below five percent, that’s great for the Texas economy, but finding qualified job candidates becomes increasingly difficult for employers. When the unemployment rate falls below four percent, Texas employers must begin redoubling recruiting efforts. That means finding new ways to identify those […]Read More

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Your Team Has Come Apart?

FIVE TIPS TO BUILDING – OR REBUILDING – YOUR TEAM By Elizabeth Lions The Recession is over. In 2015, it has officially become a candidate driven market. Says who? Data from global search organization MRINetwork confirms recruiters see 2015 as a job seeker-driven market that shot up from 56 percent in 2012 to 90 percent […]Read More

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The Talent Dilemma

WHY OUR TEXAS EDUCATIONAL PIPELINE IS LEAKING Call it a talent crisis, or a talent challenge, or a talent dilemma – it affects companies in the technology field disproportionately to the rest of the workforce. The gap between available jobs and the talent needed to fill them was addressed in May by a panel of […]Read More


Four Keys to Winning the Battle for Talent

By Manny Fernandez Texas has become a destination of choice for companies seeking to relocate. But amid all of the good that comes when the economy is flourishing, one thing that keeps executives awake at night is the increasing competition for talent. If the Texas economy continues to grow, look for efforts to recruit and […]Read More