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Coming Out of the Crisis with a Stronger, Strategically Aligned

2020 will go down in history. Not only because of the global pandemic, but due to the lasting impact it will have on the business community at large. Leaders are being asked—no, forced —to retool their businesses to be successful in what many believe to be our new normal. COVID-19 has changed our economic environment, […]Read More

Culture First, Strategy Second

THE FIVE CRITERIA TO DEVELOP A CULTURE OF INNOVATION By Christiane Michaelis  If you ask managers, employees or executives whether they want to work in a company that has a culture of innovation, most will say yes. Why does this sound so attractive? Innovation is associated with rapid success, disruptive innovation and growth, and these […]Read More

How to Stave Off Business Maturity

THREE STEPS TO STRATEGIC INNOVATION By Cecilia R. Edwards The old adage is still true today: “If a business isn’t growing, it’s dying.” In eras past, it may have been possible for a business to coast through its mature stage and continue to generate reasonable profits. However, in the modern day of rapid technological advancement, […]Read More

A Peek Behind the Curtain: How Do Successful Companies Innovate?

By Gail Stout Perry The topic of innovation can be daunting, filled with vague terminology and mysterious processes. How does an organization innovate? How does one create a culture of innovation? And how does one guard against — or create — disruptive innovation? And what does all of the above even mean? Steve Jobs said […]Read More

What’s More Important?

PICKING THE RIGHT PONY OR SELECTING, ENABLING, AND GUIDING THE RIGHT JOCKEY? By Sal Mistry, Ph.D. In other words, is it more important for executives to choose the “right” business strategy or is it more important to focus on how to execute on the chosen strategy? The answer: both. The Problem Based on my academic […]Read More

It’s Time For Your Sales Organization to Grow Up

5 STEPS TO TRANSITION TO A DYNAMIC SALES CULTURE By Amy Hardin Heard the saying, “What got you here won’t get you there?” Never is that more true than for the company that has reached the inflection point of moving out of start-up mode and into growth mode. Growth is largely measured one way: increasing […]Read More

Better Design

THE STRATEGY BEHIND DESIGN STUDIOS By Brian Sullivan Illustrations by J. Schuh There’s a big new project on tap – it’s going to lift revenues, reposition the company, and expand the brand. It’s time for a design studio workshop. A what? A design studio is something used in art colleges and advertising agencies for decades […]Read More

Competing On Price Is A Recipe For Disaster

By Matthew Pollard Finding a niche market is a hot topic these days. Rather than trying to obtain mass market appeal with all possible customers, there is typically more success when an organization targets one, two, or several smaller niches. Picking the right business niche or niches requires strategic thinking. Here are three steps an organization […]Read More

How I . . .

APPLIED FOR-PROFIT STRATEGIES TO MY NONPROFIT WORLD. By Jennifer Hilton Sampson Photography by Shannon Drawe Leaders never stop learning, and if they do, they forfeit the future when no examination of the present has taught them to do better and be better. During my first four years as CEO for the United Way of Metropolitan […]Read More


FIVE KEYS TO AN ENGAGED AND INNOVATIVE CULTURE By Carrie Vanston Experience shows that the companies that stay innovative are the most likely to succeed and thrive. They must constantly look for the latest emerging trends and incorporate the most relevant ones into their business strategy. Not surprisingly, these companies are usually the ones that […]Read More