James O'Gara

James O'Gara

James O’Gara is the CEO and Founder of StoryDimensions, an OnMessage company. StoryDimensions offers a SaaS sales enablement solution that enables B2B companies to capture, develop, and share real customer stories at scale. He is also the author of 40+ Ways to Increase Organizational Clarity, Alignment, and Performance.

If You Want to Change the Culture,You Have to Change

With everything going on in the world today, a lot of leaders are taking a hard look at corporate culture. Why? Because what is happening out there influences what is happening inside your company. Increased stress, health concerns, remote working conditions, social distancing — are all changing how your employees think, work, and go about […]Read More

Coming Out of the Crisis with a Stronger, Strategically Aligned

2020 will go down in history. Not only because of the global pandemic, but due to the lasting impact it will have on the business community at large. Leaders are being asked—no, forced —to retool their businesses to be successful in what many believe to be our new normal. COVID-19 has changed our economic environment, […]Read More