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If You Build It, Will They Come?

GETTING BIOTECH VENTURE CAPITAL INTO HOUSTON  By Graham Randall, PhD When it comes to transforming Houston’s promising biotechnology into marketable products, the number and size of venture capital deals has been the hardest metric to improve. The typical VC investor looks for companies with strategic business plans driven by strong management teams. And there’s the […]Read More

Lessons From the Track

HOW AUTO RACING PREPARED ME FOR THE STARTUP LIFE By Benjamin A. Hertzog, Ph.D.  Sitting behind the wheel of a racecar is a lot like sitting behind the wheel of a startup. Both are temperamental, requiring lots of close attention; both have big goals, involving a team and a host of varied skills; both can […]Read More

Screw the Valley

By Dacia Rivers Peruse most business publications’ list of the best cities in the U.S. for fledgling tech companies, and chances are, you’ll see Austin in the ranks – usually near the top. Austin, and Texas as whole, has been getting a lot of attention on a national and even international basis for being a […]Read More