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The Future of Work

ROBOTS ARE HERE TO HELP  By Kris Fitzgerald Modern business operations have fundamentally changed over the last 100—and even the last 20— years. Terms that were once buzzwords for a select few—like “automation,” “Internet of Things,” “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” (AI)—have become cornerstones of the evolving business landscape. Today, executives must understand how to […]Read More

AI Toys: Tiny Desktop Robots Come to Life as Emoters

By Dacia Rivers Tamagotchi pets were a big hit with kids in the late 90s. Created in Japan, these tiny, handheld gadgets contained computer images of various animals, which users could feed and care for all the way from hatching to old age. Brad Knox, CEO of Emoters, is taking the Tamagotchi concept to the […]Read More