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How We Built the First Cybergovernance Platform

The Opportunity and the Team In December 2014, my former CEO Mike Shultz called about a developing opportunity. The SEC was holding corporate directors personally liable for cybersecurity breaches if they hadn’t exercised “prudent business oversight” beforehand. Mike wondered if we could combine a software platform with litigation insurance to protect the directors. Since together […]Read More

The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity

HOW TO GET STARTED In today’s cyber world, the likelihood of a breach has shifted. It’s no longer if you’ll be attacked, but when. All organizations, no matter the size, are vulnerable to data loss from a cyber attack. In fact, 38 percent of companies are attacked again after a first attack. A skilled attacker […]Read More

Cyber Risk & the CEO

YET ANOTHER SLEEPLESS NIGHT By Mike Shultz In addition to all of the risks that CEOs and members of boards of directors take on, cyber risk is now likely the largest risk to personal financial well being. A company that has not been hacked soon will be. Now a very real risk, personal liability, must […]Read More

The White Hat Hacker

MEET HD MOORE, THE MAN KEEPING CYBER CRIMINALS AWAKE AT NIGHT By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Cyber criminals are scum, hacking into systems large and small to steal money and information or sometimes just to prove that they can. But luckily, among the slews of thieves trying to worm their way into supposedly […]Read More