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Globalization and the Future of Supply Chains

We live in a globalized world, one in which most organizations of any size have customers, supply chains, and outsourced services teams spread across the globe. Modern companies are able to leverage talented, inexpensive labor, low transportation costs, and (relatively) free-trade policies to manufacture goods more efficiently, and the growing international consumer class enables them […]Read More

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NAFTA Modernization

IMPROVED EFFICIENCY & INTEGRATION? By Ty Beasley Earlier this year, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer sent a letter notifying Congress of the Trump administration’s intent to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The notification, however, seems to be more sound than fury and isn’t a step toward US withdrawal from NAFTA. Rather, renegotiation […]Read More

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The Global Cities Initiative

The Global Cities Initiative (GCI) Exchange, a joint project of Brookings and JP Morgan Chase, is a network of metro areas across the country developing strategies to boost global trade and investment. At the core are 28 U.S. metropolitan areas creating integrated plans for export and foreign direct investment. In Texas, Houston and San Antonio […]Read More


Globalization: It’s a Plus for Texas

By Donna Steph Rian Texas has quietly evolved during the past several decades from traditional economic dependence on single industries — which can suffer during the shift to interconnected global markets — into a global-trade powerhouse. Unfettered by reliance on a single industry, the Lone Star State is wide open to benefit from international trade […]Read More