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How to Stay Connected to People During Crisis

How will history remember you in this moment? We are in a season that will define a decade, if not a generation. Many have lost economically; many have lost their lives. And at this moment, the path toward recovery is unclear. When we look backward at this crisis, leaders and their actions will be evaluated, […]Read More

Dormant Ties

THE VALUE OF RECONNECTING By Bruce Walters & K. Matthew Gilley How many people have you known who have changed jobs, moved away, or otherwise gone in another direction? Have you considered reconnecting with them? Chances are you haven’t, given your hectic schedule and the obligations you already have to your current contacts. People lose […]Read More

Leadership Lessons from the Army

By Adam Winters The best way to ensure personal growth is through persistent observation. We can learn critical lessons from day-to-day activities but, often, our biggest growth comes from our most intense and complex experiences. For many, that experience is a stint in the military. Here are five leadership lessons we can learn from the […]Read More

The Rule of 45

HOW TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND EFFICIENCY By Warren Ivie Great communication is a hallmark quality of every highly successful organization. Technological advancements over the last 20-plus years have made it easier than ever to find ways to communicate, but in some ways, the sheer volume and variety of communication vehicles that exist today can be […]Read More

Opportunity Driven Leadership

BUILDING ENDURING GROWTH AFTER BANKRUPTCY  By Jim Taylor  Gordon Bethune, the former CEO of Continental Airlines, speaks for every CEO when he summarized what leaders face after a bankruptcy. “A bankruptcy judge can fix your balance sheet,” Mr. Bethune said, “but he cannot fix your company.” He is absolutely right. Bankruptcies don’t happen by chance. […]Read More