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How We Built the First Cybergovernance Platform

The Opportunity and the Team In December 2014, my former CEO Mike Shultz called about a developing opportunity. The SEC was holding corporate directors personally liable for cybersecurity breaches if they hadn’t exercised “prudent business oversight” beforehand. Mike wondered if we could combine a software platform with litigation insurance to protect the directors. Since together […]Read More

Self-Fueling Partnerships

HOW TO ALIGN THE 4 AREAS NEEDED TO CREATE MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL VENTURES In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself; you have to form alliances. —Carlos Slim Helu “Partnerships are a waste of time.” It’s hard to find a CEO who doesn’t regret having pulled the trigger on at least one […]Read More

Follow The Leader

GUIDING YOUR ORGANIZATION THROUGH ECONOMIC TURBULENCE, WHILE SAFEGUARDING COMPANY CULTURE “In order to be successful in a volatile world, you must unleash the goodwill and creativity of your people. You must organize your culture in a way that will help your people achieve great things without constant supervision from above. Set this up right, and […]Read More