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What to Expect in Austin 2021: Thoughts from a Lobbyist

Welcome to 2021 (we made it!). Like many readers here, I navigated through unprecedented times as an owner-entrepreneur in 2020, in my case as a lobbyist at The Bingham Group, LLC. Lobbyists are positioned at the intersection of business and policy, giving us a unique perspective on the question posed by the forthcoming Q1 issue […]Read More

The Genesis of Austin’s Technology Brand

THE STORY OF HOW IT ALL STARTED 40 YEARS AGO By Ray Niekamp How does a city transform itself from an economic backwater to a high-tech powerhouse? In the case of Austin, it started with a short conversation. Austin Mayor Lee Cooke was on his way to give a speech when the mobile phone in […]Read More

Growing The Next Generation Of Texas CEOs: CEO-to-CEO Mentoring

Photography by Jonathan Garza CEOs must keep raising their games to grow their companies. They need to have their thinking and strategy challenged, and yet, they frequently face decisions on matters they have never tackled. The learning curve is intense. While coaches can fill in the gaps in skills, a new CEO is more likely […]Read More

Commercial Real Estate Market

THE STATE OF THE OFFICE MARKET IN TEXAS By Lauren Paris Texas is notorious for its business friendly climate, which includes no state income tax, a low cost of living, and ample workforce. It is also home base for 52 Fortune 500 companies, with $1.6 trillion in combined 2013 revenues. These attributes should continue to […]Read More

Screw the Valley

By Dacia Rivers Peruse most business publications’ list of the best cities in the U.S. for fledgling tech companies, and chances are, you’ll see Austin in the ranks – usually near the top. Austin, and Texas as whole, has been getting a lot of attention on a national and even international basis for being a […]Read More