Donna Bragg

Donna Bragg is the CEO and publisher of Texas CEO Magazine.

Gay Gaddis, Texas Trailblazer

Gay Gaddis, founder of legendary Austin-based ad agency T3, means business in everything she does—whether she’s founding and leading companies, writing books, or selling out New York City art galleries. […]Read More

Swipe & Serve

Brooke Waupsh on how her startup, Swoovy, brings people together through volunteering. Dating via app has been commonplace for years—but it can still be an uncomfortable, inconsistent experience. A few […]Read More

Half Price Books at 50

Catching Up with Sharon Anderson Wright, the Unconventional CEO of Texas’ Legendary Bookstore Chain July 2022 will mark 50 years in business for Half Price Books, the Dallas-based seller of […]Read More

The Iceman Cometh

Brad Alberts, president and CEO of the Dallas Stars, is making ice hockey a viable business in blazing-hot Texas. And he’s intent on diversifying hockey’s fan base while he’s at […]Read More

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