Dennis E. Nixon

Dennis E. Nixon

Dennis E. Nixon is CEO of International Bank of Commerce in Laredo, and chairman of the board of International Bancshares Corporation.

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The Immigration Solution

Could revised immigration policy help solve Texas’ looming demographic problems? The Biden administration has appropriately made immigration a policy priority, working with members of Congress to introduce the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 and fix a broken immigration system. Many potential revisions in the act would directly benefit the economy, especially here in Texas. But […]Read More

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How Community Banks Will Support the Rebuilding of Small Businesses

While the last several months have presented various challenges for industries across the state, for local small businesses, it has been a season of survival mode. As small business owners balanced decreases in revenue, extended executive orders, and a desire to support and keep staff as long as possible, it quickly became clear that without […]Read More