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Be A Debt-Free Entrepreneur

FOCUS ON CLIENT SATISFACTION RATHER THAN INVESTOR ROI By Stephen Wright It may be a controversial opinion, but there’s an argument to be made that this modern-day, small-business dynamic of not worrying about profit for the first three years is a dangerous trend. While many startups rely on significant investments and the notion that “you […]Read More

Departments Strategy

What Pokemon Go Can Teach Us

PUTTING TECHNOLOGY TO USE CAPTURING CUSTOMERS, TOO By Stephen Wright It’s a solid bet that most people reading Texas CEO don’t make a lot of time for video games. Over the past few weeks, however, it’s been impossible to ignore one game in particular: Pokémon Go, which has already become a historic hit with mobile gamers […]Read More


How Millennials are Changing Workplace Leadership

By Stephen Wright Millennials are now fully immersed in the workforce, and they bring with them new attitudes regarding corporate culture and methods of management. Typically, they focus less on hierarchy and are more interested in a collaborative, innovative atmosphere. This shift in ideology stems from many factors, including their education, parenting, and even a […]Read More