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2016 Economic Forecast: Austin

By Ray Niekamp, Managing Editor Photography by Jonathan Garza OVERVIEW The decline in the energy sector, caused by $45 oil, has attracted a lot of attention this year, but as Keith Phillips of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – San Antonio Branch said, “There’s a lot of things going on here besides oil and […]Read More

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Water for Dummies: DFW Edition

For the first time in five years, Texas is drought free. At least, it is as this is written. Lakes and reservoirs around the state recouped much of the water they had lost during the dry years, and already signs of complacency about our water situation can be seen. It was enough to make an […]Read More

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Water in Twenty-First Century Texas

WHAT THE PAST TELLS US ABOUT THE FUTURE By Jay L. Banner, Ph.D. & Eric S. Hersh, Ph.D., P.E.  It can be said that as goes Texas so goes our nation, in terms of both the challenges and potential associated with economic, demographic, and natural resource changes that are common to our state and country. […]Read More

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Future Water Solutions

BRINGING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO FARMING & FRACTURING By Katharine Hayhoe & Emily Powell West Texas sits atop one of the world’s largest aquifers. Abundant water from the Ogallala has made the High Plains of Texas into the largest continuous area of intensive agriculture in the world. Towns and cities, farming and ranching, and, increasingly, […]Read More

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Finding Free Money

THE BASICS OF WATER EFFICIENCY By Rives Taylor Clean water has been relatively inexpensive in the U.S., and for that reason water usage has not been as closely scrutinized by corporate America. Many companies might not even know the true cost of water – they pay for the water they consume in their facilities and […]Read More

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Lessons from the Australian Drought

Does the Answer to Texas’ Water Policy Problems Lie Down Under? By James Fletcher & Robert Cunningham, Ph.D. Texas has serious water problems. This has become all too clear as prolonged drought has gripped most of Texas. Unfortunately, when drought conditions eventually break, Texas businesses and citizens will still be saddled with our antiquated Water […]Read More


The WaterSense House

LESSONS FOR DEVELOPERS, CONTRACTORS, LANDSCAPERS AND HOMEOWNERS ABOUT GREEN LIVING By Clint Wolfe A model exemplifying a new era in home design and construction was built on the campus of the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Dallas. Any developer, contractor or landscaper looking to stay relevant in an environment where homeowners and […]Read More

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Water Security

COMPANIES SEEK RELIABLE SECURE WATER SUPPLY By Sue Snyder Water supplies are in great demand and under great stress in Texas as well as other places in the world. Water is needed for basically all economic endeavors: creating power requires water, a growing population requires water, farmers need water, and businesses themselves need water. In […]Read More

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The 50 Year Water Plan

By Kathleen Jackson Water challenges in Texas result from the shifting dynamics of our state. An expanding population, varied economic interests, and ongoing drought all affect the way we use water right now. The goal of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) is to embrace our unique opportunity to resolve these challenges with affordable and […]Read More