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The Rice Networks

HOW TEXAS BECAME A RICE PRODUCING STATE By Robyn Metcalfe Shortly after returning from Madagasgar, I was eating drum fish with steamy white rice at Austin’s popular Fonda San Miguel, and I realized my trip had changed my perspective. Most diners would find the fresh fish the most tantalizing item on the plate, but I […]Read More

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International Distribution Relationships

COMMERCIAL AND LEGAL PERSPECTIVES By William J. Kohler An international distribution relationship ranks among the more important commercial arrangements a corporation may formulate. If the responsibilities of the distributor under its distribution agreement are expansive, the distributor will promote the product, establish a retail network and service the product; as a result, the distributor and […]Read More


Boosting Supply Chain Productivity

THREE THINGS LEADERS CAN DO TO FIND HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES By Greg Brady Traditionally, when a CEO paid attention to their supply chain, it meant something had gone wrong. Strategically, compared to other areas of the business, the supply chain was a relative backwater. The conventional wisdom held that so long as you kept pace with […]Read More