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C-Suite Agility

THREE WAYS EXECUTIVES BUILD ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE By Sheila Armitage, Ph.D. & Janel Joseph We live in an age where leaders and employees alike are expected to be high performers, constantly connected to work and exceeding ever-increasing demands. However, a recent survey of employees in the Washington, D.C. area found that work-life balance is the most […]Read More

The CEO Guide to the Art of Handling Pressure

FIVE TIPS TO IMPROVE LEADERSHIP By Stephanie Chung Chief Executive Officers around the world have many things in common: the need for high achievement, remarkable problem solving skills, the desire to lead and a diligent work ethic are just a few. With the immense number of responsibilities these CEOs shoulder, it’s difficult to comprehend how […]Read More

Profits Hidden in Employee Health

By Erika Marcoux Healthy employees are essential to the continued growth and productivity of any company. Employee wellness programs can potentially save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in health care costs. Most illness is stress related and directly preventable. The workplace is ideal for promoting healthy habits of employees that can transform corporate culture […]Read More

How to Invest in Employee Production

THREE BENEFITS IN USING THE POWER OF MINDFULNESS  by Erika Marcoux Mindfulness is sweeping across the United States and its importance to an organization’s success is supported by an ever-growing body of scientific evidence. Large companies like Google, Yahoo, Intel, and Target publicly attribute mindfulness in increasing bottom-line results. What does the CEO need to […]Read More

Easing the Pain of Relocation

FOUR WAYS CEOS CAN REDUCE THE STRESS OF CHANGE The State of Texas has worked hard to attract companies. The combination of incentives, reasonably inexpensive real estate, low taxes, and great weather has been appealing enough get organizations including Toyota, Facebook, and Goodman to locate significant installations in the Lone Star State. Once the ink […]Read More