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The Automated Future Of Construction Safety

HOW 4D MODELING AND SENSING MAY ELIMINATE THE LEADING CAUSES OF INJURY  By Fernanda Leite, PhD, PE Since the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 placed the responsibility of construction safety on the employer, newly developed injury prevention strategies have led to dramatically decreased fatality and disability rates in the construction industry. Despite these […]Read More

Creating a Culture of Safety

By Levente McCrary Photography by Brook Sefton The most effective leaders develop positive workplace cultures. They find ways to incentivize employees, facilitate productive working environments and – perhaps most importantly – create a culture of safety. This key area was the focus of a recent workplace safety event hosted by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the […]Read More

Texas811: The Non-Profit Agency Saving You Money

By Scott Finley Approximately 431,000 miles of known energy transfer pipelines run underground in Texas, and the potential for damage to these lines during excavations and construction is massive. The Texas Railroad Commission fines businesses and individuals who damage underground pipelines. Even just scraping a pipeline can levy a fine between $150 and $150,000. Every […]Read More