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Houston 2018 Economic Forecast: Acceleration

By Ray Niekamp The annual economic forecast event in Houston was overshadowed by one major occurrence: Hurricane Harvey. What effect would Harvey have on Houston’s economy? Would the area suffer an economic downturn after so much ground to a halt as it cleaned up from the flooding? The answer, from Dean Peter Rodriguez of Rice […]Read More

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What Is A Smart City?

HOW TEXAS UNIVERSITIES AND CITIES ARE COLLABORATING ON BIG DATA  By William Fulton There is no shortage of data zooming in and around cities on any given day. We know how many cars go through a certain intersection, how many people use the parks and how many people are arrested. But beyond the raw numbers, […]Read More

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How CEOs Can Spark Employee Creativity

Why Being Bad Can Be Good By Jing Zhou                                                         Organization leaders often overlook a crucial tool for success: the creativity of their own employees. Creative workers, by definition, build novel and useful products and methods. Their creativity plays an essential role in the success of their organizations, giving leaders new perspective and fashioning familiar products, […]Read More

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Finding Free Money

THE BASICS OF WATER EFFICIENCY By Rives Taylor Clean water has been relatively inexpensive in the U.S., and for that reason water usage has not been as closely scrutinized by corporate America. Many companies might not even know the true cost of water – they pay for the water they consume in their facilities and […]Read More