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Health Care & Mobile

SHAKING OUT APPS, WEARABLES & TELEMEDICINE By Alan Knitowski As patients have begun to choose and engage their health care providers in new and increasingly flexible ways, innovation has become a hot-button issue in the health care industry. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, patients can shop for their health care provider like they […]Read More

Mobile Marketing

MOVING FROM M-COMMERCE TO IN-STORE ENGAGEMENT By Andrew Levi In 2015, communication is driven by mobile devices with the average American spending 4.7 hours on their smartphone every day, according to research firm Informate Mobile Intelligence. Engaging consumers on their devices is essential for retailers. The term “mobile marketing” registers differently for consumers, retailers and […]Read More

How to Build a User Experience You Can Be Proud

THE VALUE OF DESIGN IN ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS by Arvind Sarin When enterprises set out to build a new solution of any kind, the first goal is to achieve a desired result. Whether it’s a new CRM platform, a more detailed sales reporting tool, or a better information management system, the first question most CEOs ask […]Read More