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The New Career Ladder

RETAINING MILLENNIAL TALENT IN AN EVOLVING PROFESSIONAL WORLD  By Sarah Weber Once upon a time, the career ladder was fairly straightforward: graduate from college, land an entry-level job, work hard and develop the skills required to rise through the ranks at that same company for 20-plus years. Today, however, the trajectory isn’t so clear, as […]Read More


Just Get Over It . . . Millennials in the

By Tony Streeter The job of leaders, whatever our generation, is to teach and coach the up-and-coming generations on the finer points of operating within various business situations. In one of the divisions of our company, we have 11 millennials. Although they approach work and business relationships differently from older generations and often don’t see a […]Read More

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Millennials and the Future of American Agriculture

HIGHLIGHTING MILLENNIAL VALUES TO SOLVE AGRICULTURE’S RECRUITING PROBLEM  By Bob McClaren  While there’s no doubt food production and ranching are essential to human existence, the agricultural industry faces a recruiting challenge. As baby boomers look toward retirement and millennials take their places in the workforce, leaders in agriculture must learn how to entice these young […]Read More

Departments Generation Integration

The Technology Curse

MILLENNIALS AND THE LOST ART OF CONVERSATION By Tony Streeter My grandfather was a great salesman. My grandmother used to say when he walked into a cocktail party he knew everyone by name and even the names of the girlfriends of married men. He told jokes, he laughed, he pulled people aside to discuss business, […]Read More


How Millennials are Changing Workplace Leadership

By Stephen Wright Millennials are now fully immersed in the workforce, and they bring with them new attitudes regarding corporate culture and methods of management. Typically, they focus less on hierarchy and are more interested in a collaborative, innovative atmosphere. This shift in ideology stems from many factors, including their education, parenting, and even a […]Read More


Attention Millennials: You Can Influence Boomers

SIX TIPS TO PERSUADE BOOMERS By Sal Mistry, PhD According to Pew Research, approximately 45 million baby boomers are in the workforce. Not surprisingly, these individuals tend to occupy the senior-most positions within organizations. Millennials, now 53.5 million strong, however often occupy entry-level roles. This imbalance between younger and older workers often creates tension, primarily […]Read More

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Why I Hire Millennials

By Matt Mayes Last year in a conversation with one of our college interns, the discussion turned to politics. While we all know it’s not advisable to discuss politics in the workplace, it’s not an a-typical part of the corporate culture at our small, 12 employee food manufacturing company. The topic was Bernie Sanders and […]Read More

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When Generations Collide

DESIGNING THE NEW MULTI-GENERATIONAL WORKPLACE By Dean Strombom This is the first time in history when five generations of employees may co-exist in the workplace: the Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials or Gen Y, and Gen Z. At the same time, older employees are delaying retirement while Gen Z, the generation we know […]Read More

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Millennials & Health Care

HOW WILL TECHNOLOGY, MOBILITY & 5 GENERATIONS MESH?  By J.R. Thomas Millennials are plugged into technology, they are mobile and desire variability in their lives. They also are starting to reach into the health care delivery system for themselves as well as to help care for their aging parents and grandparents. With Millennials now outnumbering […]Read More

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Millennials & Money

TOO MUCH DEBT AND NOT ENOUGH FINANCIAL LITERACY By Chad W. Forsberg & John F. Ware, III The Millennial generation is now more than 80 million strong and has become the largest generation in the U.S. Given the youngest members of this generation are just teens, they are going to drive the economy of Texas […]Read More