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If You’re Texting Your Customers – STOP NOW

By J.R. Skrabanek Have you texted your customers lately? Did you acquire their express written consent beforehand? With the increased use of smart phones, many businesses are adjusting their marketing techniques to connect with their customers via text message. They may unwittingly be placing themselves directly in the line of fire of costly non-compliance litigation […]Read More

Putting An End to Marketing Grunt Work

FROM AD AGENCY TO AI: MEET MIKE PRATT OF PANAMPLIFY By Dacia Rivers About two years ago, the co-founders of Dallas-based Panamplify were running a six-year-old advertising agency, working with huge brands such as Coke and Smirnoff, when CEO Mike Pratt began to wonder if every advertising business was bleeding the way his was. The […]Read More

The Rise of the Marketing Machines

HOW MACHINE LEARNING WILL ONE DAY REVOLUTIONIZE MARKETING By Scott Thomas Artificial intelligence, once restricted to NASA and sci-fi movies, is gradually becoming a prominent buzzword in the world of marketing technology. However, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing is likely several years away as its application is not yet fully developed. But […]Read More

Where Passion Meets Demand

SHAMA HYDER INFUSES MARKETING WITH ENTHUSIASM AND MOMENTUM  By Dacia Rivers Photography by Shannon Drawe  THEN When Shama Hyder graduated with a master’s degree from the University of Texas, she was ready to jump straight into the workplace. She envisioned herself working for a large company, learning the ropes and contributing to that business’s success. […]Read More

Four Attributes of an Exceptional Chief Marketing Officer

THE TANGIBLE & INTANGIBLE TRAITS OF SUCCESS By Michelle Boggs Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is considered one of the most dangerous titles, according to a 2015 Forbes article. Because CMOs play such a large role in increasing both brand recognition and sales, hiring the right CMO is crucial to the overall success of any business. […]Read More

Three Things to Know About Building a Powerful Brand

A BRAND IS A PROMISE  By Diane Fannon Why did people care when Blue Bell removed their products from grocery store shelves? It’s just ice cream. Why do people camp out overnight waiting for a new Chick-fil-A store to open? It’s just a fast food restaurant. Why do people loathe Spirit Airlines and love Southwest? […]Read More

Go Deep, Go Wide

THE WINNING FORMULA FOR BRANDING AT MCGARRAH JESSEE By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Branding is one of those business buzzwords that can be difficult to define. Mark McGarrah suggests, “Branding is giving a personality to the emotional connection a brand has with their constituencies.” All you need to do is watch the memorable […]Read More

Marketing & IT: Together by Design

HOW TO GET TO 8 FIGURE REVENUES IN JUST 2 YEARS By Tony Streeter Due to poor communication between IT and marketing, companies lose millions of dollars every year in failed integration and missed opportunities. One company’s organizational re-alignment from silos to project-based teams has had positive effects on the bottom line. The company was […]Read More

How to Design a Corporate Message

THREE KEY STEPS TO A CLEAR, COMPELLING AND CONSISTENT STORY By James F. O’Gara design|dəˈzīn| noun a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of an object before it is built or made For too long, corporate messaging has been driven by tactics and vehicles (e.g., creating new advertising copy; […]Read More

8 Email Best Practices for Organizations

HOW TO REINFORCE YOUR BRAND, ONE MESSAGE AT A TIME By Rob Simons  Email is one of the primary tools for business communication today. Yet many organizations haven’t taken the time to train their team members how to properly use email to reinforce a professional brand.  The following are eight email best practices to use as a […]Read More