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How Manufacturing Will Support the Rebuilding of the Texas Economy

The extent of COVID-19’s impact on businesses and local communities is still unknown. Although there is uncertainty, we do know that the business community will have to adapt and find creative solutions to remain agile in an ever-changing business environment. The manufacturing sector is no exception.  The pandemic has forced manufacturing industry leaders to rethink […]Read More

Jim Nyquist: At The Inflection Point Of IIoT

Jim Nyquist likes to use the phrase “inflection point” when he talks about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). An inflection point is when the direction of a curve changes in response to an event, resulting in significant change. The industrial manufacturing sector is at an inflection point right now, and in his role as […]Read More

Is Manufacturing In China The Best Option?

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR PRODUCT DESIGN IS STOLEN  By Andrew Eisenberg  Manufacturing in China is not exactly a legal topic; however, it’s a concept attorneys and clients regularly discuss. It’s a cost effective way to produce products, but is it the best option? The Start-Up Scenario  When a start-up is centered around a product, […]Read More

Mexico Is The New China

CONNECTING TEXAS AND MEXICO VIA BEIJING  By Pippa Malmgren, Ph.D. Mexico is the new China, and Texas is the fastest-growing economy in the industrialized world. While all the headlines assume Trump’s wall will keep them apart, the reality is that no wall will stop the Texas-Mexico border from being the most productive spot on the […]Read More

Texas Tomorrow

WHERE WILL WE BE IN 2065? By Jon Roberts In 1994, the human population of Texas exceeded that of cattle for the first time in the state’s history. As milestones go, this was marked by little fanfare, yet it’s definitely worth noting. Why? One interpretation is that this signaled the move away from natural resources […]Read More