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Austin – 2017 Economic Forecast: Resilient

By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza Speakers at the 2017 Economic Forecast event in Austin focused on higher ed, post-recession job growth, successful start-up ecosystems, the future of artificial intelligence and the area’s booming real estate market. The event was moderated by David Reid, Executive Director of the Baylor Angel Network. Regional Economy Dr. […]Read More

Investing in AI

HOW MACHINE LEARNING & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARE REVOLUTIONIZING FINANCIAL ANALYSIS By Ron Breitigam Hedge Funds and money managers have come a long way from the days of handwritten financial models. In fact, stock and commodity exchanges report that more than 80 percent of today’s trade decisions are computer driven. But a broader change is underway […]Read More

The Rise of the Marketing Machines

HOW MACHINE LEARNING WILL ONE DAY REVOLUTIONIZE MARKETING By Scott Thomas Artificial intelligence, once restricted to NASA and sci-fi movies, is gradually becoming a prominent buzzword in the world of marketing technology. However, the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence in marketing is likely several years away as its application is not yet fully developed. But […]Read More

Transforming Retail, Health Care & Financial Services

AKSHAY SABHIKHI BRINGS PRACTICAL AI TO THE MARKETPLACE By Dacia Rivers While most GPS applications serve only as roadmaps, Waze also uses consumer-supplied data to warn drivers of potential obstacles such as speed traps, highway construction or debris on the road ahead. Austin’s Akshay Sabhikhi says that with his company, CognitiveScale, he’s setting out to […]Read More

How AI Can Solve Your Worst Corporate Nightmare

DAVID COPPS’ BRAINSPACE IS HERE FOR COMPANIES IN CRISIS By Dacia Rivers Volkswagen made international headlines this year when the company had to shell out $15 billion after a high-profile emissions scandal rocked the automaker and left its future uncertain. It’s a prime example of the type of situation David Copps is trying to prevent […]Read More