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The Rice Networks

HOW TEXAS BECAME A RICE PRODUCING STATE By Robyn Metcalfe Shortly after returning from Madagasgar, I was eating drum fish with steamy white rice at Austin’s popular Fonda San Miguel, and I realized my trip had changed my perspective. Most diners would find the fresh fish the most tantalizing item on the plate, but I […]Read More

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Getting Your Stuff From Here to There

By Keeli Jernigan At a time when the topic of international trade has become more prominent in the national discourse, it is worth looking at one of our nearest trading partners, Mexico, as an advantageous resource for Texas companies. Whether considering Mexico as a source of raw materials or as a manufacturing location, CEOs of […]Read More


Boosting Supply Chain Productivity

THREE THINGS LEADERS CAN DO TO FIND HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES By Greg Brady Traditionally, when a CEO paid attention to their supply chain, it meant something had gone wrong. Strategically, compared to other areas of the business, the supply chain was a relative backwater. The conventional wisdom held that so long as you kept pace with […]Read More