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Nearshore, Offshore or Noshore?

THE CHALLENGES OF EXPORTING IT By Tony Streeter Outsourcing IT development can be a powerful business tool for companies that learn its best applications. Think of it this way: opening a can of soup with an electric drill would be a bad experience. But that doesn’t mean that electric drill is useless — we just […]Read More

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All the Wrong Moves

HOW IGNORING IT HURTS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN TEXAS AND BEYOND By Tony Streeter Recently, a Texas state representative told a disturbing story about one school administration in his district. With business grants given to the school, the district had compiled enough funds for a computer lab. However, someone in the school’s senior leadership felt […]Read More


Torrential Rains or Tornadoes: Six Ways to Ensure Your Business

By Bryan Gregory During last week’s torrential rains in Houston and recognizing tornado season is not far behind (DFW is the largest metropolitan area in Tornado Alley ), storm protection is a real issue for Texas businesses. Business continuity should be a primary goal during operations every day, but especially in the event of a […]Read More

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Keeping the Team Smart

HOW TO DEVELOP A HOMEGROWN TRAINING PROGRAM By James Thompson Technology changes continuously, making it challenging for employees to stay current – especially for those in IT. It is imperative for employees to constantly be trained on new developments and able to offer insights regarding potential directions the market may take. Often, it’s not feasible […]Read More

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Marketing & IT: Together by Design

HOW TO GET TO 8 FIGURE REVENUES IN JUST 2 YEARS By Tony Streeter Due to poor communication between IT and marketing, companies lose millions of dollars every year in failed integration and missed opportunities. One company’s organizational re-alignment from silos to project-based teams has had positive effects on the bottom line. The company was […]Read More

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The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity

HOW TO GET STARTED In today’s cyber world, the likelihood of a breach has shifted. It’s no longer if you’ll be attacked, but when. All organizations, no matter the size, are vulnerable to data loss from a cyber attack. In fact, 38 percent of companies are attacked again after a first attack. A skilled attacker […]Read More


Boosting Supply Chain Productivity

THREE THINGS LEADERS CAN DO TO FIND HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES By Greg Brady Traditionally, when a CEO paid attention to their supply chain, it meant something had gone wrong. Strategically, compared to other areas of the business, the supply chain was a relative backwater. The conventional wisdom held that so long as you kept pace with […]Read More

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Don’t Get Cyber-Sued

THREE WAYS TO KEEP YOUR COMPANY OUT OF COURT By Peter S. Vogel Lawsuits and fines based on data breach and privacy violations are in headline news every day. Yet there are things to be done to help protect the company from data related class-actions, regulatory enforcement, individual plaintiff lawsuits, and the reputational harm that […]Read More

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The Internet (R)Evolution

WILL YOUR COMPANY BE LEFT BEHIND? By John Curran What would CEOs say if they were told the Internet their business relies on was never intended to be the commercial platform it is today? How would they react if told that the ceiling limiting the number of addresses supporting the Internet’s expansion has been reached […]Read More