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The Looking Glass

GROW A BUSINESS THAT REFLECTS ITS ENVIRONMENT By Andrew Philipp  Earlier this year, the Kauffman Foundation Index on Startup Activity, the largest index tracking entrepreneurship across the United States, reported an unexpected change. Not only did the 2015 Index reveal the reversal of a five-year downward trend in entrepreneurship activity, but this reversal came as […]Read More

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Developing the Team

FIVE WAYS TO GROW YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS By Debbie Johnson When we think of growth in business terms we usually think of increasing either revenue or profit. Financials are certainly the lifeblood of business but so are the people who make them happen. Surely the growth of our personnel is equally vital to our […]Read More

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Opportunity Driven Leadership

BUILDING ENDURING GROWTH AFTER BANKRUPTCY  By Jim Taylor  Gordon Bethune, the former CEO of Continental Airlines, speaks for every CEO when he summarized what leaders face after a bankruptcy. “A bankruptcy judge can fix your balance sheet,” Mr. Bethune said, “but he cannot fix your company.” He is absolutely right. Bankruptcies don’t happen by chance. […]Read More


The Quest for Insanely Great Employees

HOW DAN GRAHAM AND BUILDASIGN HIT THE GROUND RUNNING By Dacia Rivers Photography by Jonathan Garza THEN Bootstrapping a business requires commitment, flexibility and action. When Dan Graham and his business partners decided to launch BuildASign.com in 2005, they put those traits into action staying flexible as the business model evolved into the success story […]Read More

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The Secrets of Growing From Mid-Market to Enterprise

Four Lessons I Learned Adapting To The New Marketplace By Nina Vaca Growing a company from mid-market to enterprise level requires the CEO to make almost super-human commitments: time and financial resources, attentive team cultivation, and continuous improvement and reinvention to create value. The results can be rewarding with substantial growth over time. Yet a […]Read More


Is Wellness In Your Culture?

GET ON THE RIGHT PATH TO CHANGING BY CHOICE  By Shara Rutiaga Wellness in the workplace has been a mainstream concept on the minds of benefits professionals for nearly two decades. When asking friends and family whether they have a wellness program at work, the response is usually, “ Yes.” Why are some programs more […]Read More

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Employees With Disabilities

TAPPING INTO THIS INVISIBLE WORKFORCE By Charlie Graham When the unemployment rate dips below five percent, that’s great for the Texas economy, but finding qualified job candidates becomes increasingly difficult for employers. When the unemployment rate falls below four percent, Texas employers must begin redoubling recruiting efforts. That means finding new ways to identify those […]Read More

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Keeping the Team Smart

HOW TO DEVELOP A HOMEGROWN TRAINING PROGRAM By James Thompson Technology changes continuously, making it challenging for employees to stay current – especially for those in IT. It is imperative for employees to constantly be trained on new developments and able to offer insights regarding potential directions the market may take. Often, it’s not feasible […]Read More

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Five Strategies for Diversification

FROM STAFFING SERVICES TO TOYOTA, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE By Rosa Santana The ability to attract and lead talented people is at the heart of business success. Unfortunately, all too often these skills take a supporting role to the company’s core business. In reality, expertise in human capital is at the core of operational […]Read More

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How to Invest in Employee Production

THREE BENEFITS IN USING THE POWER OF MINDFULNESS  by Erika Marcoux Mindfulness is sweeping across the United States and its importance to an organization’s success is supported by an ever-growing body of scientific evidence. Large companies like Google, Yahoo, Intel, and Target publicly attribute mindfulness in increasing bottom-line results. What does the CEO need to […]Read More