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A Digital Approach To Talent Management in Health Care

By Carole Faig Today’s health care consumer expects a speedier, more connected experience, and the industry continues to be challenged by the ever-increasing need for value, optimization and efficiency amid a constantly evolving and uncertain regulatory environment. Organizations have to figure out how to work in a way that is quicker, smarter and more cost-effective. […]Read More

Making Medicine Simpler

SEAN & PATRICK KELLEY BRING SURGICAL BUNDLING TO TEXAS Photography by Jonathan Garza Is there really anything Texas can learn from Oklahoma? When it comes to health care, you betcha. This journey of learning begins in Oklahoma City with anesthesiologist Dr. Keith Smith. In a bold and disruptive move nearly a decade ago, Smith began […]Read More

7 Top Trends That Will Shape Texas In The Coming

AN ECONOMIC TSUNAMI IS HEADED THIS WAY By Kenneth W. Gronbach To predict the future accurately, only one crystal ball will do: people, by the numbers. Demographics can predict the future and its effect on the nature of different states in the United States. Remember, demographics precipitates economics, not the other way around. People came […]Read More

The Present & Future of Accountable Care

AN INTERVIEW WITH DR. SPENCER BERTHELSEN, UPON HIS RETIREMENT In 2010, Dr. Spencer Berthelsen was the cover CEO on the second issue of Texas CEO Magazine, featured in an article titled “Making Health Care Accountable.” The Affordable Care Act had not yet been signed and a great deal of change was on the way. In […]Read More

Transforming Retail, Health Care & Financial Services

AKSHAY SABHIKHI BRINGS PRACTICAL AI TO THE MARKETPLACE By Dacia Rivers While most GPS applications serve only as roadmaps, Waze also uses consumer-supplied data to warn drivers of potential obstacles such as speed traps, highway construction or debris on the road ahead. Austin’s Akshay Sabhikhi says that with his company, CognitiveScale, he’s setting out to […]Read More

Health Care & Mobile

SHAKING OUT APPS, WEARABLES & TELEMEDICINE By Alan Knitowski As patients have begun to choose and engage their health care providers in new and increasingly flexible ways, innovation has become a hot-button issue in the health care industry. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, patients can shop for their health care provider like they […]Read More

HRO & Health Care

FIVE COMPONENTS TO BECOMING A HIGH RELIABILITY ORGANIZATION  By David “Scott” Hencshel What are the components of an HRO in health care? When we speak of High Reliability Organizations we think of organizations that are successful in highly complex environments that are prone to the kind of human and systemic errors that can lead to […]Read More

3-D Bioprinting

WILL THE NEED FOR ORGAN DONORS DISAPPEAR? By Laura Bosworth The concept of 3-D printing has become ubiquitous. Numerous retail stores such as Best Buy, Home Depot and Wal-Mart offer a glimpse of these little magical boxes whirring away, building cool tchotchkes. According to a market research company called CONTEXT, over half a million 3-D […]Read More

Employee Wellness

OBLIGATION OR OPPORTUNITY? By Todd Whitthorne An effective CEO shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about today, or even tomorrow for that matter. Instead, CEOs need to ask, “How should I be preparing my organization for the next five to ten years?” Obviously managing health care will be a primary concern. But what about health? […]Read More

Three Ways to Keep Up With Health Care

PARTNERING WITH EMPLOYERS TO DELIVER IMPROVED HEALTH OUTCOMES  By Charles Lusk The health care industry is never short of growth and innovation. Our bodies are always in need of tune-ups, if not more intensive repairs. Thankfully, breakthroughs continue to pour in, introducing new methods and research targeting the prevention of disease, injury and illness. Similarly, […]Read More