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The Land Stewards of Texas

COMMON TRAITS OF SUCCESSFUL RANCHES  By Rick Machen, Ph.D. & Clay Mathis, Ph.D. According to the latest tally, there are over 4,000 ranches and farms registered in the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Family Land Heritage Program, each having been in agriculture for at least 100 years. What makes those ranches successful? In 1939, John Nye’s […]Read More

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Growing Oats in Texas

THE VISION THAT TOOK US FROM SEED TO SHELF By Matt Mayes My wife Kathleen and I own and operate a dry food packaging company in San Antonio. Our mission is to offer convenient, tasty, healthy and affordable food products. We package a line of rice and bean meals and convenient oats products under different brand […]Read More

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Millennials and the Future of American Agriculture

HIGHLIGHTING MILLENNIAL VALUES TO SOLVE AGRICULTURE’S RECRUITING PROBLEM  By Bob McClaren  While there’s no doubt food production and ranching are essential to human existence, the agricultural industry faces a recruiting challenge. As baby boomers look toward retirement and millennials take their places in the workforce, leaders in agriculture must learn how to entice these young […]Read More

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Future Water Solutions

BRINGING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO FARMING & FRACTURING By Katharine Hayhoe & Emily Powell West Texas sits atop one of the world’s largest aquifers. Abundant water from the Ogallala has made the High Plains of Texas into the largest continuous area of intensive agriculture in the world. Towns and cities, farming and ranching, and, increasingly, […]Read More