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A Digital Approach To Talent Management in Health Care

By Carole Faig Today’s health care consumer expects a speedier, more connected experience, and the industry continues to be challenged by the ever-increasing need for value, optimization and efficiency amid a constantly evolving and uncertain regulatory environment. Organizations have to figure out how to work in a way that is quicker, smarter and more cost-effective. […]Read More


Tax Reform: What To Watch For In 2017

By Philip Green and Tim Urban Amid the list of changes we are likely to see with the new administration, it is becoming clear that a fundamental shift in US tax policy is a high priority for both the new president and Republican-controlled Congress. The drivers of this movement are significant: the statutory corporate income […]Read More

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Activate, Adapt and Anticipate

HOW TO GET AHEAD OF CYBERCRIME By David Neuman Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly complex. Around the globe, businesses are moving with greater velocity and using digital frameworks and technology that create security vulnerabilities and, often unintentionally, make company data and assets more accessible to cyber threats. Meanwhile, the sophistication of cyber attackers is also escalating. […]Read More