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Evolving Incentives For An Evolving Workforce

EMPLOYEE RETENTION CHALLENGES OF A TIGHT LABOR MARKET By John Wright  The number one staffing challenge across industries is the inability to find and retain qualified workers. This poses significant challenges not only for businesses and policymakers but also for the broader economy. Despite the wealth of information available regarding what different generational cohorts—baby boomers, […]Read More

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We Got Sued For What?

TOOLS FOR DEALING WITH DIFFICULT EMPLOYMENT SITUATIONS By Michael Abcarian Every executive has been there. Leadership is responsible for dealing with any difficult employee situation. Perhaps there has been workplace violence or a complaint about overtly sexual harassment by a supervisor. It may be that an employee’s work performance has deteriorated substantially in recent times […]Read More


Healthy Employees Are Healthy For Business

By James Polfreman I’ve heard it said “health affects work, and work affects health.” But employee health is vastly underrated in many organizations across the country. Even the employee population of many wellness and health care businesses—the industry that should be healthiest of all—is representative of the general population. Some are overweight, some have physical […]Read More


The Right Hires Can Make Or Break Your Career

By Elizabeth Lions As a leader, you’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates during your career. You know what you’re doing, right? You’re running from meeting to meeting, and you’ve got that interview at two 0′clock sharp with what’s-his-name. Who cares, right? All the pertinent information is in the Outlook invite. This is the common thought process […]Read More

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Healthy Organizations Need Dissent

WHY AN OPEN DOOR POLICY ISN’T ENOUGH  By Johny Garner President Trump signed an executive order preventing citizens of seven countries from entering the United States on January 27, 2017. On Monday, January 30, acting attorney general Sally Yates sent a letter to her staff saying, “The Department of Justice will not present arguments in […]Read More

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Managing Conflict

FIVE TIPS FOR TEAMS AND ORGANIZATIONS By Sal Mistry, PhD According to the late expert Richard Hackman, only 25 percent of teams utilize effective processes such as coordination and communication, and nearly 60 to 70 percent fail to achieve their objectives in any given project or situation. The culprit? Team members consistently point to internal […]Read More

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Three Keys to Hiring for the C-Suite

FINDING THE INNOVATORS & DISTRUPTORS By Holly Priestner The search is over. The interviews are complete and the references checked. In fact, every box is checked.  After months of searching, the perfect executive has been selected. The board approves, internal stakeholders approve. It seems perfect. And yet, there is still a hint of uncertainty. Adding […]Read More


Employee Wellness

OBLIGATION OR OPPORTUNITY? By Todd Whitthorne An effective CEO shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about today, or even tomorrow for that matter. Instead, CEOs need to ask, “How should I be preparing my organization for the next five to ten years?” Obviously managing health care will be a primary concern. But what about health? […]Read More

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Three Ways to Keep Up With Health Care

PARTNERING WITH EMPLOYERS TO DELIVER IMPROVED HEALTH OUTCOMES  By Charles Lusk The health care industry is never short of growth and innovation. Our bodies are always in need of tune-ups, if not more intensive repairs. Thankfully, breakthroughs continue to pour in, introducing new methods and research targeting the prevention of disease, injury and illness. Similarly, […]Read More

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The Modern Day Open Door Policy

5 WAYS TO FOSTER A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION & INSPIRE SUCCESS  By Michael Walsh Doors. To someone with any experience in an office setting, they symbolize the barrier or separation between those with authority and those without. As the saying goes, “all the big deals take place behind closed doors.” Before the internet blurred the […]Read More