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How AI Can Solve Your Worst Corporate Nightmare

DAVID COPPS’ BRAINSPACE IS HERE FOR COMPANIES IN CRISIS By Dacia Rivers Volkswagen made international headlines this year when the company had to shell out $15 billion after a high-profile emissions scandal rocked the automaker and left its future uncertain. It’s a prime example of the type of situation David Copps is trying to prevent […]Read More

8 Email Best Practices for Organizations

HOW TO REINFORCE YOUR BRAND, ONE MESSAGE AT A TIME By Rob Simons  Email is one of the primary tools for business communication today. Yet many organizations haven’t taken the time to train their team members how to properly use email to reinforce a professional brand.  The following are eight email best practices to use as a […]Read More

The Risks of Email

THE REWARDS OF INNOVATIVE ENCRYPTION By Rick Spurr Email is how companies keep business moving. Employees, from the C-suite to entry level, hit ‘Send’ hundreds of times every day. It’s so easy to click that seemingly innocent Send button that – in the moment – the risk may not have been clear. Thanks to the […]Read More